Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What we do for love

Work at Arthur Ashe and Green schools was physically challenging at times, however, the overall effect, schools ready for the fall term, made all our effort worthwhile. When we arrived at Arthur Ashe that first day, I didn't think that it would be possible to receive children in just one short week. However, by the end of the day, the building looked clean and cheerful with teachers and administration all eager to see their first students. There was more work to do and we went back there another day. I couldn't believe that they were planning to put a little girl in that awful closet so that she could have one on one education with a lovely special ed teacher. With rags, cleaning things, paint brush, and roller, our team transformed that closet into a charming little room in which any person would enjoy spending time. I wish I had had an opportunity to meet the little girl.
The last day of work, I was at Green school and was given the task of redoing the bulletin board for the Outreach program. Below is the outcome. I haven't been in a classroom of my own in many years so I was surprised that my bulletin board came out so nice. Of course, I had Linda working on it with me, so together we made it happen.
In all, this trip gave me a feeling of satisfaction that our time was well spent and we did something good.
I'd say, that this was a work of love. We all put our hearts in everything we did. I love this group. How lucky to have had this opportunity to be with "y'all" . Thanks to Karen, for everything, especially, your friendship.

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