Sunday, August 2, 2009

What an experience!

This was my first trip to New Orleans ever. The weather took a bit of getting used to. Truth be told, I didn't! I really looked forward to the afternoon lemonade and cookies back at the hotel. Taxis became by friend fast. Our hotel was beautiful and the staff very was friendly. The week was spent mostly at KIPP Academy where I helped move boxes of library books and science materials, laminated, cut out game pieces, put up bulletin boards sorted books, wrote names in books, folded and stapled A-Z books for the first grades. Basically what ever was needed we jumped in and did it. The teachers were so appreciative. Everyone was so friendly at the school. One day I got to take the streetcar through the Garden District to Happy Times Day Care. The kids were sooo cute at the day care center. We met with the director and discussed the wants and needs of the center. We left him with a long laundry list! There we cleaned and moved books. I took time to read to the toddler group. When I had finished, Michael put a Dora book in my lap that I had to read to the group. It was a fun time!
I even went out of my comfort zone and tried new foods. The girls in our group on this trip made it so much fun. Adrienne and Rebecca were wonderful fearless leaders!

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