Sunday, August 23, 2009

Namaste, NOLA

Loosley translated, Namaste, means : "the beauty & godliness in me recognizes the beauty & godliness in you" I would certainly say that describes my experience in NOLA! Each and every person I worked with was remarkable in the way they gave of themselves during the trip. The work could be demanding and frustrating at times...but in the end - good work was completed! The transformation ofthe special ed room is my fondest memory. Working Yoga as therapy for a special ed nursery school student, will stay in my heart always...just a moment in time, but perhaps she rested more comfortably that day. Singing Gospel music w/ a homeless family on the street, to raise money for a hotel that night, is an experience I never could have anticipated...amazing week.

A group of strangers, soon became a group of friends. The spirit of the teachers I met is a testiment to teachers everywhere! The younger people of our group were so poised and shared so much of themselves...hope for future! The stories I heard from people on the street and other volunteers I met as I explored the city, will remain w/ me always. There is still so much to be done - it's hard to imagine in our America this is the I'm already starting to save for the next trip.

I extend a heartfelt thank you to my co-workers at Coldwell banker, and all my Yoga/massage students/clients for all their support and interest in the trip and the future of NOLA.

Karen, what an incredible job you do...kudos!!!!

Namaste, Phyllis

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