Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tyler, boy wonder

Tyler brightened our days with his smile. No work was too hard, he accepted all tasks cheerfully. It was good having him on our team.

Angela's hard work

This was the result of several days of intensive labor. The danceroom floor was cleared of most of the boxes and the art closet was much neater than anyone could imagine

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bonnie and Elizabeth hauling a cabinet

We had to move these file cabinets, and hundreds of heavy textbooks, up two long flights of stairs at Ashe school. It was great to see the school getting put in order, on the threshold of the new school year.

Elli enjoys holding a baby

Elli enjoyed the infants' room at Royal Castle, as we can see, and she and I offered room-by-room musical programs for various age ranges.

Karen gives us our marching orders in the Bienville lobby

This was a daily sight - Karen gave an update to all the assembled volunteers, as other hotel guests tried to figure out what we were the hotel's "dynamic duo" facilitated - and patrolled - our breakfast feast!

just strumming along...

Linda on the St. Charles line

Linda smiles from the front of the crowded St. Charles trolley line as we head toward one of our work sites.