Sunday, August 16, 2009

Greetings all!
It seems such a short time ago since we were all together! I miss you all a lot. 
I wasn't sure what to expect when my daughter, Elizabeth, and I signed up for the NOLA trip, but everything turned out to be a new and enlightening experience.  Everyone was so nice and helpful and I felt like I acquired a whole new family.  How do you like this picture of us all? I think we look great! 

To me, the most meaningful part of the trip was experiencing the sharing and commitment for a service that we all so strongly believed in. Even though our group was so varied, we all bonded over our common goals and I felt very close to everyone, especially as we cut and cut and cut out laminated papers and posters, and sorted endless piles of books.  I'm sure they multipled overnight! As for the ABC books, no more should be said about them!

Even though there was still so much damage left from Katrina, we could see the hope and enthusiasm for the new school year. Everyone we met in New Orleans was very upbeat, especially KIPP's  faculty and parents.  KIPP's slogan will carry on in my classrooms: "Work hard. Be nice".

PS - Have a great first year in college, Emily!  I hope to hear from everyone soon!

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